iPhone Bug Causes Mass (Perhaps Unwanted) Sleep-in

Many Europeans who use their iPhones as alarm clocks got an extra (and perhaps unwanted) hour of sleep to usher in the month of November.  In Europe, Daylight Savings Time ends on the last Sunday of October.  iPhones across Europe updated their time to account for this, but the alarm settings didn’t update … which means the alarms went off an hour late.

This isn’t the first alarm issue from Apple’s iOS4, the software that runs the latest iPhone.  A month ago, iPhone owners in Australia and New Zealand were rudely awakened an hour early when their Daylight Savings Time began.  Since a software update to fix the bug hasn’t been released, the same bug hit there as in Europe, except in reverse.

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 7 in the U.S.  Unless a software update is released, Americans may want to find a different way to wake up on Monday, November 8.