Create an Earthy-Friendly (and People Friendly) Sleep Environment

Yesterday we observed the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. Usually on Earth Day our thoughts and attention are drawn to pollution, recycling, and possibly planting, but what about inside? There is some evidence that shows indoor pollutants can be more toxic that outdoor pollutants. So, how is this effecting your sleep?

  • Most bedrooms harbor dust mites. These dust mite droppings and bites can trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks.
  • VOC’s = Bedroom walls, floors, and furniture can produce off gassing from volatile organic compounds found in paints and adhesives.
  • Combined with the off gassing produced from toiletries and cleaning supplies, a ‘sleep smog’ can be created. Sleep smog can cause poor breathing during the night because of air born contaminants.

We should keep these things in mind not just on Earth Day, but all year round.  Creating a more ‘green’ sleeping environment, such as washing our bedding in hot water weekly to eliminate dust mites, and using VOC free paints when painting our bedrooms, can create a more healthy sleep environment.

Source: Huffington Post