Foods to Avoid Before Bed Time

Everyone has their vices, and for some that vice may be a midnight snack. Although a late snack may seem tasty and fulfilling at the time, there are actually foods that you should stay away from right before bed. While there are some soothing foods that can promote sleep, these 10 foods are ones to be sure to avoid right before hitting the sack:

1) Ice Cream – Sugar in the ice cream causes a burst of energy right before bed
2) Celery – A natural diuretic
3) Pasta – High glycemic  index can cause you to wake up several times in the night
4) Pizza – Tomato sauce can cause acid reflux during the night
5) Candy Bars – Proven to cause nightmares and also tend to have high sugar levels
6) Cereal – Can cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels
7) Garlic – Can cause heartburn and upset stomach
8) Dark Chocolate – A sneaky source of caffeine
9) Alcohol – Interferes with restorative sleep
10) Red Meat – Hard to digest, which keeps your body working throughout the night.

Source: FOX News