Do Rich People Sleep Better?

Money may not buy happiness, but apparently it leads to better sleep … at least in Canada.

A new national survey in Canada finds 76-percent of households whose incomes top $100,000 (in Canadian dollars) get six to eight hours of shut-eye every night.  Canadians in the lowest-earning groups, meanwhile, are likeliest to average fewer than six hours.

The survey was conducted by Statistics Canada.  The organization pegged the median family income in 2010 at $76,000, while the median individual income was $29,878.

One expert said the results reflect the fact that higher educated, higher earning workers tend to have more vacation days and benefits, as well as the ability to delegate as necessary in order to maintain life balance.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the national survey, conducted for Breathe Right Nasal Strips, was that kids don’t affect sleep quality in a meaningful way: 61-percent of Canadians with no children and 62-percent of those with children, reported “good” or “excellent” sleep quality.