Feng Shui Your Way to Better College Sleep

As many students return to their college lives one thing that may not be their immediate concern is sleep. Heading back to school means stocking up on textbooks, microwave food, and of course dorm supplies. All of those things help them make a smooth transition back into the swing of things at college, but one thing that needs to be remembered is sleep. Sleep may be hard to come by when living in campus housing because your bedroom also serves as your living room, study room, and kitchen.

According to Erica Sofrina, founder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui, it is important to find a balance in your college living space in order to sleep better. In order to achieve this balance within a dormitory it is important to find a medium between sleep, study, and play. Since most students do not see sleep as a top priority, it may be helpful to take special measures to ensure that their college journey is a restful one.

Sofrina says sleep musts for achieving balance in college life include:

  • Black out eye masks: helpful with avoiding disturbances from a roommate pulling an all nighter.
  • Put your bed in an empowered position: being able to see the door when laying in the bed.
  • Calming colors on bedding: make the bed the most comfortable it can be, this will directly affect mood and emotions.

Source: Healthy Living