For Men, Lack of Zzz's Could Lead to Hypertension

Everyone knows that lack of sleep can cause many everyday problems such as fatigue, excessive hunger, and underperformance in school or work, but scientists are finding more and more that lack of sleep can also cause much more severe complications. High blood pressure was the focus of a recent study published in the Hypertension Journal of the American Heart Association. This study revealed that older men who are light sleepers are at higher risk for high blood pressure. This study observed about 780 men who were on average 75 years old.

Over a three year span; it was found that those men who spent the least amount of time in a deep sleep state were more likely to develop high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. In addition, the findings of this study align with those in the past that have shown that adequate sleep plays a role in diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Source: Bloomberg