Food to Help You Sleep Better … and Worse

It’s no secret to SleepBetter visitors that the amount you sleep can have an effect on your weight.  The reverse is also true — what you eat can have an effect on how you sleep.

Yahoo News recently did a wrap-up of some foods that you can eat that may help you get a little closer to 40 winks.  Here’s what they suggest:

  • Bananas
  • Passionfruit Tea
  • Hummus
  • Dates
  • Chinese Food
  • Cherries

Cherry juice is one that’s been talked about a lot over the last few years, including in this article here at SleepBetter.  For more on all of these foods, check out the article at Yahoo.

Coincidentally, there was another article this week on foods you should AVOID if you want to sleep well.  The Huffington Post covered the topic this time, suggesting that eating tasty morsels such as coffee, chocolate, steak, and even water will lead to less time asleep.  You can read the entire article and see the whole list in slideshow format here.