Help for Spring Break Jetlag

For many, spring break is either more than half over or about to begin, and for a number of us spring break means travel.  One thing that is almost unavoidable when flying on long trips is jet lag. Jet lag is essentially your body’s response to a disruption of its circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle. You know, that feeling when you just cant shake the drowsiness and feel a little out of your own body.

Sometimes jet lag is enough to nearly ruin a perfect vacation, but fear not gentle traveler, as one airline is trying to ‘cure’ the problem of jet lag with a new set of earphones they plan to distribute to their passengers during their flight. The airline, Finnair, is testing a new type of headset that shines light into the ears of the wearer. The device looks like an everyday iPod, but actually does not play music. The headset instead shines light into passengers ears in an attempt to reset the circadian rhythm by delivering light to special regions of the brain connected to the ear canal.

Source: MSNBC