Daylight Saving Time Disrupts Productivity at Work

It is common knowledge that the switch to Daylight Saving Time disrupts people’s sleep patterns, but a new study shows how this change in time affects worker productivity.  In a study conducted at Penn State University, it was found that many people slack off at work as a result of the ‘spring forward.’

Researchers found that when workers reported to work they day after daylight saving had begun, they were much more likely to be distracted from their work and surf the web. Results reveal that for every hour of sleep that was lost in the night before, the workers spent an average of 8 minutes more surfing the internet. Since daylight savings only occurs once a year, this slacking off at work may not seem like that big of a deal, but it may be more significant than you think, since one-third of the world uses Daylight Saving Time.

Source: lfpress