Insufficient Sleep May Lead to Cancer, Study Finds

Lack of sleep can cause many unwanted ailments. We have discussed before how insufficient sleep can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, dementia, and many other problems.  Unfortunately, a study released earlier this year is pointing to another issue.  The study, from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, indicates that lack of sleep may lead to colon cancer later in life.

The researchers found that those participants of the study who got less than six hours of sleep each night were fifty percent more likely to have a risk for colon cancer. In order to come to this conclusion participants were first surveyed about their sleep patterns, then went to the hospital for a colonoscopy procedure. Out of the 1,240 participants, 338 were found the have colorectal adenomas. Adenomas are a warning sign and precursor to tumors. Those patients who had the adenomas were the same patients who reported sleeping less than six hours per night.

Source: Mattason’s