Counseling For Parents Helps Kids Sleep

If your kids always seem to be on the worst behavior at bedtime, it may not be entirely their fault. A recent study suggests that the best place to start working on children’s bedtime habits is with parents. This study, based out of the University of Melbourne in Australia, found that conducting counseling sessions with parents about their children’s sleep problem and habits led to fewer problems with the youngsters down the road.

The researchers surveyed 1,500 parents from 22 different elementary schools. After choosing 108 that had children with moderate and treatable sleep problems, the researchers conducted a private sleep consultation at school with half of the participants and followed up with them later by phone. The other half of the participants were offered no help. After a six-month follow-up, it was found that 47-percent of those who received no help were still seeing sleep problems in their children. Only 26-percent of those who received help were still having issues. One year after the study, the groups each saw about the same amount of troubles.

The study’s author says he’s hoping to conduct a larger study that also includes more information about how resolving sleep troubles impacts academic success.

Source: The Star Phoenix