Is it time to kick Fido out of your bed?

We all love our pets. Sometimes after a hard day, there’s nothing more you’d like better than to snuggle up with your pooch (or kitty, whatever your preference may be) and relax.

Unfortunately though, sharing your bed with your pets might not be the best idea when it comes to the quality of your sleep. Think your sleep is suffering because you snuggle up each night with your dog or cat? Ask yourself these questions…

1. Do you wake up with muscle soreness or stiffness? Having a dog or cat in bed with you can be cozy, but their tendency to take up a lot of space (or even to sleep on you) can limit your ability to stretch out and be comfortable.

2. Do you find yourself waking up several times a night? Some pets (especially cats) tend to wake up and move around frequently at night. While you might only wake up briefly when they do this, those frequent breaks in your sleep can lead to fatigue during the day.

3. Do you experience sneezing, coughing or itchiness when you wake up? Dogs and cats carry allergens in their fur, much like an old pillow, blanket, or mattress would. Sharing your bed with your pets can increase exposure to these allergens. These uncomfortable symptoms could also indicate an allergy to your pet’s dander. Purchasing a pillow or mattress topper that protects against allergens would help with this. Of course, all the sleeping products in the world won’t help much if you’re allergic to your cat but keep sleeping next to him!

If you answered yes to the above questions, it could be time to find Fido and Fluffy their own beds. While it might be tough to say goodbye to the comfort that comes with sharing your bed with your pets, you’ll likely find that a good night’s sleep will make your time with them all the more enjoyable.