Lack Of Sleep Causes Lack of Dollars

Not enough sleep can cause many unwanted effects including physical and emotional woes, but one thing that many people don’t think about is that their fatigue could be making their wallets lighter. A recent report from MSN money shows 6 ways that not getting enough shut-eye can make a big impact on your bank account.

Among the six were:
1) More accident prone
2) Extra medical expenses
3) Risky financial decisions
4) Less success
5) Paying for convenience
6) Caffeine costs

To learn more about how each of these components of lack of sleep can cause less money in your pocket visit the link below for the entire story.In the end, besides the toll that lack of sleep can take on your health, it also can take a large chunk out of your wallet as well. If your are looking to save money in today’s economy one place that you may want to start is in your own bed.

Source: MSN Money