More than 80% Don’t Sleep Well Due to Snoring

It’s almost a cliche — not sleeping well because your bed partner snores. Some cliches are true, though, because a recent survey shows a whopping 84 percent of us have some kind of sleep issue related to snoring.

The survey, conducted by a company that develops products for the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory conditions, found men were twice as likely as women to say their bed partner leaves the room to escape their snoring.

However, neither really wants to abandon a comfortable bed — 65 percent of respondents still choose to suffer through a sleepless night instead of leaving the bedroom or seeking solutions.

Many were unaware that snoring is one of the leading symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing, the general term for a group of disorders characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep, the most common of which is obstructive sleep apnea.

Source: UPI