More Than Half of American Workers Don't Sleep Enough

A new study reveals that most American office workers don’t consistently get good sleep.  The study, conducted by Phillips, also indicates that lack of sleep is affecting workers’ on-the-job performance.

Findings from the new ‘Workplace Power Outage’ Sleep Survey*, claim to challenge conventional assumptions about amount and quality of sleep and their relation to productivity in the workplace.

The highlights:

  • 85 percent of office workers admit that if they slept more, they would be more productive while on the job
  • More than half (56%) of office workers don’t consistently get a good night’s sleep
  • Two-thirds (64%) of office workers surveyed believe that lack of sleep means their day begins on a low note
  • Two-thirds (64%) of employees do not wake up before their alarm goes off and more than one-third (37%) are not ready to get up when their alarm goes off

“The findings from the ‘Workplace Power Outage’ sleep survey support the link between sleep and workplace performance,” says Russell Rosenberg, PhD., Vice Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation and Director of the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology. “The survey shows that inadequate sleep and poor sleep habits are primary factors for poor job performance, and can also lead to increased irritability, moodiness and lack of energy.”

Source: News release