The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s less than a week until Mother’s Day.  Are you set for a gift for your mother or, just as important, the mother of your children?  What about giving her sleep?

While it’s wonderful to give an outing with the family, beautiful gifts and, of course, flowers, one thing that mothers (particularly those with younger children) don’t have enough of is sleep.  While it might be best to pair some of these with another gift, here are some great ideas to help that mom in your life make the best of her Mother’s Day:

  • Invite her to take a nap on a busy day of her choice, while you take care of her chores
  • Offer to get up with the kids in the morning to get them ready for school, while she gets to sleep in
  • Get her a new pillow, particularly if her current pillow is more than 18 months old.  You can get some pillow recommendations here
  • Ask a friend to watch your kids for the night and stay over at a nice local hotel, where you can sleep as late as you want
  • Create your own “day spa” so she can rest in bed for the day with treatments like soothing music, aromatherapy and skin treatments

You can find more information in our Sleep Tips & Advice section, updated weekly to help you and your favorite mom sleep better.