Naptime is Good for your Blood Pressure

You probably haven’t napped regularly ince you were a toddler, but according to new research, it’s a habit you should pick up.  The study, by researchers at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, found that participants who slept for at least 45 minutes during the day had lower average blood pressure after psychological stress than those who did not sleep. The work is published in Springer’s journal International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

The researchers explain that long work schedules, shift work, increased anxiety, and even greater use of the Internet and television late at night, have all had an impact on nocturnal sleep. It seems that as a society we no longer sleep as long as we used to, with the average sleep duration now almost two hours shorter per night than it was 50 years ago.

Think this means you can stretch out in your cubicle right now and catch a few zzzz’s?  We wouldn’t recommend it … but it sure would be nice wouldn’t it?

Source: AOL News