New Shirt Claims to Allow Home Sleep Test

How do you know when you have a sleep problem? There’s a new product out that claims to let you do a sleep test at home.  Here at SleepBetter we don’t endorse products, and we don’t recommend you use this one without consulting a physician first, but we did think this was interesting enough to let you know about it.

When most people see their physician for sleep disorders they are sentenced to a group of tests – most of which are done in a sleep lab involving many wires and sensors that are hooked on to the slumbering patient.  Nyx Devices has developed a new nightshirt that they say could eliminate a lot of those wires.

The shirt is equipped with fabric detectors that monitor the sleeper’s breathing pattern. The perks and purpose of this new innovative shirt are that tests over time can be done in the convenience of one’s own home.  Nyx says they’re marketing the shirt as a consumer product, not one for sleep clinics.

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