Work Gets in the Way of Astronaut Sleep

Your career can play a huge role in many factors of your life, including relationships, family and, most importantly, sleep. Career path is especially affecting the sleep of those astronauts aboard NASA’s Endeavor this week.

The 12 astronauts who are at the International Space Station this week have a busy work schedule as they prepare the return home in the next days. In order to stay ahead of the work and avoid overlap between station crew and shuttle astronauts, all members of the team have had to change their sleeping patterns. The most drastic changes have been the bedtimes for the shuttle astronauts.

In addition, while one crew is sleeping the other is working which makes for some noisy sleeping environments. But no need to worry, the astronauts have been equipped with masks and earplugs to ensure that they have adequate rest in order to complete their mission successfully.

Source: MSNBC