New Zzzz Score Launches

SleepBetter “elves” have been quite busy lately, and now they’re ready to unveil part of what they’ve been up to! This week, we’re launching an all new Zzzz Score™ quiz! The quiz is a new way to get advice from SleepBetter and learn just how good you are at sleeping.

The new Zzzz Score provides a fun and easy interface, as well as tips throughout the quiz from SleepBetter’s Dr. Lisa Shives (The Sleep M.D.) When you’re done with the quiz, you’ll receive your very own Zzzz Score and a look at how you stack up against other sleepers.

Not only are we launching the quiz, but we’re also launching a contest for those who take the quiz. The winner of the Zzzz Score Getaway will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Chicago as well as a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Shives. To enter, visit the SleepBetter Facebook Page or click here.

If you’d like to take the quiz without entering the contest (don’t want to go to Chicago?) just click here.