North American Bedbug Summit

You read the title of this post and you had to figure it was a joke.

It’s no joke.

In Chicago, hundreds of exterminators, government officials, and other interested parties gathered this week to address the problem of the creepy crawly bugs (like the little guy to the left) that infest homes, offices, and seemingly everywhere else. It’s called the North American Bedbug Summit or, simply, Bedbug University.

You may recall many sources, including SleepBetter, have reported that bedbugs are on the rise around the United States.

The two-day event is sponsored by BedBug Central, which provides data and extermination products on its website, and includes meetings on fumigation, chemical treatment, legal and risk management (in case the bugs sue?) and, of course, Bedbug Basics.

The conference sold out in days and even had a waiting list.  If you’re interested in signing up for next year … here’s next year’s waiting list.

Sources: AOL News and North American Bedbug Summit