Everyone is Talking About My Favorite Pillow

When Rhett & Link unleashed their YouTube music video, 2 Guys 600 Pillows, on the world, we knew it would be popular.  What’s happened is the true definition of a viral hit.

In the first week after the video (created for SleepBetter.org and its owner, Carpenter Co.) was released, it was viewed more than two million times on YouTube.  That number is still growing (see the Rhett & Link banner at the top of the SleepBetter home page for an updated number.)  The video also generated more than 16,000 comments on YouTube during its first week. These numbers don’t take into account other video sites where 2 Guys 600 Pillows was also posted.

The “forwards” version of the video, seen here at SleepBetter.org, has also generated some astounding numbers.  The video is sort of a “making of” the original video.  It’s been viewed than 200,000 times on YouTube!

Not only is YouTube abuzz over Rhett & Link, the media is also catching on.  Here’s a brief rundown of media coverage:

As if all of that weren’t enough, the video has also caused teenagers to talk backwards.

Don’t be the only one who hasn’t seen it.  Head right over to YouTube, watch the video, and then come back to the SleepBetter Videos page to see the “forwards” version!  And, be sure to check back for our next video, which chronicles the sometimes frightening things your pillow is up to while you’re asleep!