Research: Night Owls are More Negative

Are you the type that likes to stay up late?  If so, chances are you’re more prone to negative thoughts throughout the day than your early-to-bed counterparts.

Research conducted at Binghamton University measured just how detrimental a late bedtime can be on the mind.  Scientists there surveyed 100 students on their everyday sleep habits and then put them through computerized tasks in order to gauge how often and to what degree their repetitive negative thinking occurs. The subjects were measured on how much they worried, ruminated, or obsessed over something.

The researchers learned that those who described themselves as night owls with a later bedtime had significantly more negative thoughts than morning people.

The research also found that those who are early to bed and early to rise are more likely to sleep longer.  The link could mean that those who worried more during the day may have later bedtimes due to trouble sleeping. Worriers could be distinguished by insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns, instead of less sleep causing the worrying and negative thoughts.

The research was published the journal Cognitive Therapy and Research.

Source: Medical Daily