Research Says Wool Pajamas are Best for Sleep

Proving that researchers are truly honing in on sleep when it comes to what they want to investigate, we now know what type of pajamas are best for sleep.  

A research team at the University of Sydney carried out two studies of young and older sleepers to test the theory that wool pajamas might be better than cotton.

Students in their twenties in the first group nodded off four minutes faster on average when wearing pajamas made from merino wool rather than cotton, taking 11 minutes instead of 15.  They also enjoyed an extra seven minutes more sleep per night, for a grand total of an 11 minute difference.

The second study found that woolen pajamas had an even bigger impact on older adults aged 65 to 70.  They fell asleep after 12 minutes compared with 22 and 27 minutes for those wearing polyester or cotton.

Researcher Dr Paul Swan, from the University of Sydney, said: “Not so long ago sleeping under wool bedding was the norm, and science is now rediscovering the benefits of sleeping in wool.

Source: The Telegraph

Sheep with full fleece of wool ready for summer shearing, New Zealand