Sleep Aches and Pains

Sleeping is supposed to be a wonderful, relaxing experience that leaves you feeling well-rested and ready to take on whatever the day has to offer. But for many people, this isn’t what the reality of sleep looks like. They want to go to sleep, get all ready and relax and lie down, only to deal with sleep problems the whole night through, from waking up in the middle of the night with back pain and neck pain, to experiencing lower back pain after sleeping. When these aches and pains occur, you can sleep for eight hours, but when the alarm clock goes off you may feel as though you just lay down and didn’t sleep a minute all night. This can cause fatigue or even sleep disorders that can have long-term consequences.

If you are experiencing a neck ache after sleep or feel that you are getting neck pain from sleeping, check your pillow. If it is even a year old you may need a replacement. Some people need a replacement sooner than a year. The pillow gives your neck and head the support it needs to keep your spine aligned during sleep, and if your pillow isn’t doing its job you are going to pay the price.

What about help with back pain while sleeping? If you’re waking up in the middle of the night with back pain, sleeping is going to be a distant dream until you can relieve the pain. Have you tried flipping your mattress? If you have a mattress that does not require flipping, how long have you had your mattress? It might be time to replace your mattress with a new one that supports your body more effectively. This can also help if you have back pain after sleeping. It probably started during the night and you didn’t notice the back pain while sleeping because you slept through it.

The best answer to the question of how to sleep with back pain is simple. Don’t do it. Find a way to alleviate or reduce your pain so you can get a good night’s sleep. Your pillow and mattress are the first places to check, because they aren’t replaced or cleaned as often as they should be, which can cause big problems even if the mattress and pillows do not appear worn.

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