Sleep Disorders in Kids May Be More Prevalent Than Previously Thought

Doctors and researchers are still trying to figure out one of the most natural human activities — sleep.  As they’re learning more and more about how children sleep, they may be finding more things that are keeping them from sleeping properly.  KABC-TV in Los Angeles explored some of these issues in a recent story, including sleep apnea caused by tonsils:

Three-year-old Jack Frank’s nighttime snoring and daytime grouchiness led to a diagnosis of sleep apnea.

The fix wasn’t meds or machines. Instead, surgeons took out his tonsils.

“That amount of obstruction in the back of the throat can contribute to difficulty with sleep apnea,” said Dr. Leslie H. Boyce, a pediatric sleep specialist UNC School of Medicine

One study found tonsillectomies along with removing the adenoids improved sleep for 80 to 90 percent of kids.

Other sleep-related issues include children diagnosed with ADHD, who actually end up having a sleep disorder instead.

You can read the entire story and watch the video here.