Would You Eat Beef Jerky to Stay Awake?

Oh, the lengths some people will do to stay alert all day…

The guy at the left is Matt Keiser.  He’s holding his invention – Perky Jerky.  It’s caffeine-infused beef jerky.  Matt was profiled in today’s NY Daily News:

“This is a great combination,” said Keiser, who founded the company with his ski partner, Brian Levin, 37.

“It is like vodka and orange juice, or peanut butter and chocolate,” Keiser said.

The odd treat sells for $2.99 for a 1 oz. bag and $4.99 for a 2 oz. bag. Each ounce contains 60 mg of caffeine – the same as slurping down a small cup of coffee or about one can of Red Bull.

Numerous times at SleepBetter.org, we’ve detailed the problems with using caffeine to stay awake, but the idea of ingesting caffeine AND dried beef to stay alert is just too much.  Regardless of whether it’s tasty or just plain odd, caffeine will not cure your sleep woes.  The only way to cure them is to find a way to sleep more, and sleep better.

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