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Surveys: Most of You Have Really Old Pillows

How old is YOUR pillow?  One month old?  Six months?  One year?  If you’re like the majority, your pillow is probably more than two years old, and should be replaced immediately. According to our own web poll, found on the right side of the front page here at, as of the time of this…
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Dating, Love and Sleep: They Do Go Together

What on Earth does sleep have to do with your love life?  Quite a bit, actually.  In fact, they go together like PB&J!  With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, SleepBetter is turning its thoughts toward love.  The recent My Sleepy Valentine Survey addressed the issue, finding that more than 80% of us believe good sleep…
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Are Americans Tiring of Valentine’s Day? Or Are We Just Plain Tired? Releases My Sleepy Valentine Survey Attention romantics: you might want to rethink the candlelit dinner and dozen roses this Valentine’s Day. Thirty-five percent of Americans in a relationship say that February 14 is “just another day,” with one in five choosing a good night’s sleep as the ideal present. But not so fast. Does…
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