Sleepwalking: A Common Problem

Recent research shows that in America, sleepwalking is more common than you may think. Specifically, this research shows that about a third of Americans have sleepwalked at least once in their life.

This research, conducted at Stanford University, shows a much higher number of sleepwalkers than any other previous research done in this area.

Researchers note that the reason for the prevalence of sleepwalking may be due to genetics. Most people who walk in their sleep also have family members who do the same. In addition, people who are depressed or abuse alcohol are three times more likely to sleep walk than those who do not. Four our of five participants of the study said they have walked in their sleep for about 5 years. Those who were between the ages of 18 and 44 were the most likely to sleep walk than people of any other ages.

Source: US News