The Dalai Lama Addresses Sleep

The Huffington Post recently published an interview between its publisher and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. During that interview, a number of wide-ranging topics were covered. One of those topics is near and dear to our hearts here at … sleep, of course. Here’s what He had to say:

The other day, in Delhi, of course my car always provided by government. This one driver, one new driver come, then I ask him, “How many hours you sleep?” He says, “Four hours.” Then I told him, “Four hours not adequate. So you must sleep six hours.”

Then next day, I met, “How many hours?” Then he told me, “Six hours.” So I believe, you see, sleep, complete restful, and also I think important is daytime your mind calm, relaxed. Then dream, during night, it’s sleep, also then, happy dream. Too much anxiety in daytime, then even in dream, some kind of nightmare, or these things happen. So, and anyway, for me, sleep, sound sleep usually eight hours, sometimes, last night, nine hours. Very sound sleep. And then also, when I handed over all my political responsibility to a … person, political leadership, formally, that night, very unusual sound sleep.

Click here to watch video of the interview and read a transcript at the Huffington Post website.