Study: Women Need Vitamins, While Men Just Need Sleep

What’s the key to long life?  According to new research, that depends upon whether you’re a man or a woman.

The study, conducted at Melbourne, Australia’s Monash University, investigated how diet contributed to sleep quality and mortality among elderly men and women.  It found that for both genders, poor sleep was strongly correlated with poor appetite and poor perceived health.  However, the data showed that sleep played a larger factor in men’s mortality rate than women.  Meanwhile, women tended to live longer if they ate a diet rich in vegetables and B6.  The vitamin B6 can be found in foods like meat, bananas, nuts garlic and pistachios.

The study also found women were almost twice as likely as men to sleep badly.  The data for the research was conducted from 1,865 elderly men and women who were a part of the Nutrition and Health survey in Taiwan. The data was collected from 1999-2000.