Survey: 60% Don’t Get Enough Sleep

It shouldn’t be a shock that a lot of us don’t get enough sleep, but a new survey conducted in Britain is a bit alarming.

The survey, conducted on behalf of a professor at the University of Hertfordshire, found that 59% of the respondents get fewer than seven hours of sleep each night.  The recommended amount of sleep to remain healthy and alert is between seven and nine hours.  Any less than seven, and you’re risking a myriad of health problems.  A survey conducted just a year ago found that 39% weren’t getting the proper amount of sleep.

The poll also found that eight in 10 of us use gadgets such as smartphones or tablet computers in the two hours before going to bed.  This is a 20 percent rise compared to a year ago.  Devices like that emit blue light that tells the brain it’s time to wake up.  

The survey also found that when we do sleep, few of us have sweet dreams, with just 10-percent strongly agreeing with the statement ‘I would describe my dreams as pleasant’.

Source Daily Mail Online