Survey: Couples Who Sleep Close are Happier

There’s been a lot of debate over the last few years about whether co-sleeping among couples is really the best for their sleep, but a new survey shows that couples who sleep close are actually happier.

The survey, conducted as part of the Edinburgh (Scotland) International Science Festival, partners who slept less than an inch apart were more likely to be happy with their relationship than those maintaining a gap wider than 30 inches.

In addition, more couples who spent the night making physical contact were happier than those with a “no touching” rule while trying to sleep.

The survey, which had about 1,000 respondents, also revealed the most popular sleep positions of couples, with 42-percent lying back to back, 31-percent facing the same direction and four percent facing one another.  Ninety-four percent of couples who spent the night in contact with one another were happy with their relationship, compared to just 68 percent of those that didn’t touch.

Source: New Zealand Herald