Survey Finds Women Lose Up to Three Hours of Sleep Per Night Due to Their Partners

Women are losing out on as much as three hours sleep a night, and many say it is because of their partners.

A study has found that half of British women say they feel constantly sleep deprived, while a third said that they had a broken night’s sleep every night.  This was compared to just one in ten men who experienced the same thing.

A study into 2,000 couples, carried out by a British bedding retailer, found that on average women estimate that they sleep for three hours less than their male partners.  More than 20 percent of the women said that this was because of their partner’s snoring, and nearly 15 percent said it was because they were awakened to tend to their children while their male partners sleep on obliviously.

This sleep deficit amounts to 1,095 hours – or 45 days’ worth – a year, and the study found that the impact on women’s health and relationships is serious.

73 percent of women said that they felt ‘at their wit’s end’ as a result of tiredness, and reported feeling exhausted at the end of every week.

According to the research, 15 percent of UK women confessed that they feel annoyed that their partner gets more sleep than them, and one in five admitted they are routinely rude to their other half due to exhaustion.

Health can be negatively impacted as well. Of the surveyed women, 34 percent said their tiredness means they feel depressed, and 21 percent said their diet is poor when they are sleep deprived.