Town Taking Extreme Steps to Ensure Rest

Admit it … even for just a fleeting moment, you’ve had thoughts of doing something awful to an animal making so much noise in the middle of the night that it keeps you awake.  The town council in one town in the U.K. is apparently considering giving in to those urges.  According to the Telegraph newspaper, the gulls in Cheltingham have gotten to be such a nuisance that they’re looking into a plan to shoot the birds.

Addressing dozens of disgruntled residents, Denise Powell, environmental protection manager for Cheltenham Borough Council, said: “Shooting is something we are investigating. You have to set up a feeding station and you have to shoot down on them.

“This has to be in a secure area and not near members of the public.”

She said there would have to be three or four shooting sites because the birds would quickly learn to avoid one site.

“We are investigating the pros and cons and have to take the negative side into account,” she added. “For every person who would like us to do shooting, there are probably many out there who would not want us to do it.”

Mrs. Powell said they’d only consider shooting the lesser black-backed gulls, not the herring gulls.  Herring gulls are protected, and thus are apparently free to keep everyone awake at night.

Source: Telegraph Newspaper