The Media is Talking About College Pillows [VIDEO]

Our recent release of the findings of our scientific study of college student pillows has caught the eye of the media. Our own Dr. Lisa Shives (The Sleep M.D.) was interviewed recently on Morning Express with Robin Meade on Headline News. Check out the links below (or after the “read more” link, if you’re viewing this on SleepBetter’s front page) for links to just a few of the articles that have been published about the study, plus below the links you can view a video interview with Dr. Shives.

AOL’s ShelterPop:
Just In: A New Study That Will Make You Want to Change Your Pillows

Glamour’s Health and Fitness Blog:
Gross News: Guess What’s Growing in Your Pillow

Fitness Magazine’s FitStop Blog:
How Filthy is Your Pillow?

USA Today’s College Blog:
Getting freaky between the sheets at college: It’s WAY worse than you think