The Sleepiest Professions

Recent findings from the National Health Interview Survey show which professions may leave you the most exhausted. The top five include:

1) Home Health Aids: bringing in an average of six hours and 57 minutes of sleep

2) Lawyers: 7 hour average

3) Police Officers: 7 hours and 1 minute average

4) Physicians & Paramedics: 7 hours and 2 minutes

5) a tie between Economists, Social Workers, and Computer Programmers: 7 hours and 3 minutes

Authors of the research conclude that these professions may leave you the most exhausted because of the combination of stress and unpredictable hours.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, findings also revealed which professions seems to be getting the most rest. The tops three most restful occupations include forrest & logging workers at the top, followed by hairstylists, and sales representatives.

Source: NY Times