Tips to Alleviate the Monday Blues

We all know the feeling: Mondays stink.  Not only is the weekend over, but you’re tired and maybe even a little depressed at having to head back to work.  Part of the way to alleviate these feelings is to make sure you don’t allow the weekend to throw off your biological clock.  Here are some tips from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to keep your clock in balance:

• If you’re not sleepy by end of the day on Sunday, don’t get into bed. Chances are you’ll just lay in bed, stare at the ceiling, and stress about how little sleep you’re getting.  Instead, do something relaxing such as reading or listening to soft music.

•  Create a bedtime ritual to help you relax before bed. This can include such things as a warm bath or light snack.

• Don’t spend Sunday napping, especially not after 3 p.m.

• Don’t read, write, eat, watch TV, talk on the phone, or play cards in bed.  The majority of time you spend in bed should be for sleep.

• Do not have any caffeine after lunch.

• Do not have beer, wine, or any other alcohol in the hours before your bedtime.

• Avoid thinking about upcoming issues before bed on Sunday night. Find a time during the day or weekend to get them out of your system, so your mind is clear by bedtime.

• Make your bedroom quiet, dark, and a little bit cool. Your bedroom should remind you of a cave.

•  If Sunday sleeping or any other sleep problems last longer than a couple of weeks, seek out a sleep evaluation at a local sleep clinic. Sleep doctors can properly diagnose and treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch