12 Holiday Sleep Tips #6: Don’t Say Yes To Everything

Geese a-laying, swans a-swimming … who needs them?  We suspect few would turn down the gold rings, but aside from that, the items available in the song 12 Days of Christmas would be a major annoyance.  Instead, between now and December 25, we’re publishing our 12 Holiday Sleep Tips!  Find all of the tips published thus far by clicking here.

Tip #6: Don’t Say Yes to Everything

Again … we’re talking about things that cause holiday stress.  Going to bed stressed out doesn’t usually end well, and agreeing to do a bunch of things for which you don’t have time can certainly lead to some sleepless nights.

For help in saying “no,” we turn to an outstanding article from the Mayo Clinic.   The article reminds us that saying no isn’t selfish, can allow you to try new things (because you don’t always have to agree, for instance, to plan the company gift exchange), and can even allow others to shine (because THEY get to plan the gift exchange!)

So, how do you say no?  Once, again, we get some great advice from the Mayo Clinic.  The experts there say you should be brief, be succinct (say “no” versus “I’m not sure”), be respectful, and be prepared to repeat yourself (for those who don’t take “no” for an answer).

Turning down some responsibilities can allow you to enjoy the responsibilities you choose to take on, and can lead to a much more enjoyable, less stressed, and more restful holiday season.