12 Holiday Sleep Tips #7: Keep Exercising

What would you want with pipers piping, when you can have a great night’s sleep?  We’re publishing our series of 12 Holiday Sleep Tips between now and December 25, with each piece of advice designed to help you get a good night’s rest during the end-of-the-year holidays.  Find all of the tips published thus far by clicking here.


Tip #7: Keep Exercising

While it’s tempting to take a couple of weeks off of the gym this time of year because you’re so busy … don’t do it, particularly if you’re the type who gets stressed out and can’t sleep.  Not only is exercise a healthy thing to do, it can help you sleep better.  Researchers at Northwestern University released the results of a study last year that showed cardiovascular exercise can help improve sleep, vitality and mood for insomniacs.

If you’re looking for excuses NOT to work out, you might point to the fact that you don’t have time during the day and you don’t want your workout to keep you awake if you do it in the evening.  Well, you’re out of luck there too.  Studies in Europe have shown that it’s just not true.

In the end, you don’t have much of an excuse not to get moving and get your heart rate up.  Whether you visit the gym, use a home treadmill, or just go for a walk and look at the holiday lights, exercise can help you clear your mind, reduce stress, and get a better night’s sleep.