12 Holiday Sleep Tips #9: Don’t Overdo the Alcohol

If we were gifting you the presents from the 12 Days of Christmas song, right about now you’d be wondering where to put the nine ladies dancing.  Instead, we thought it would be a lot more practical to offer you 12 Holiday Sleep Tips, particularly since sleep is our specialty! Find all of the tips published thus far by clicking here.


Tip #9: Don’t Overdo The Alcohol

One of the many ways of celebrating this holiday season is with friends, either in small groups or as part of a larger party.  And, in many cases alcohol is served at these gatherings.  While we all love spending time with friends and family, it’s the alcohol part of the equation that could serve to create sleep problems.

While alcohol will help you fall asleep faster, the effect doesn’t last for long.  As soon as the alcohol is metabolized, people often end up wide awake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.  In the end, alcohol leads to maintenance insomnia, or difficulty staying asleep.  On top of that, the time when you are asleep is not a productive sleep.


The simple answer to this problem is, of course, to avoid alcohol at holiday parties this year.  However, if you choose to partake, moderate your use of alcohol and try to stop two to three hours before bedtime.