12 Holiday Sleep Tips #10: Travel Smart

Right about now, many of us are getting pretty stressed out as we desperately try to get everything done for family visits, parties, and gift-giving. As a result, many of us aren’t sleeping all that well. That’s where SleepBetter comes in. This holiday season, we’re publishing a whopping 12 Holiday Sleep Tips, each designed to help with a different problem that could keep you from getting a great night’s rest.  Find all of the tips published thus far by clicking here.

Tip #10: Travel Smart

Traveling is as much a part of the holiday season for some of us as Santa Claus.  Visiting family and friends is a wonderful part of this time of year, but unfortunately it can be difficult to sleep well while traveling.

If you’re flying or you’re not the one doing the driving, invest in a travel pillow to catch a nap and avoid a stiff neck.  Also, wear comfortable clothing and bring along some calm music on a portable music player to help you sleep during the trip.  If you’re the one doing the driving, obviously you won’t be able to nap whenever you want, so make frequent stops to stretch.  That will keep you from being stiff when it is time to go to bed at night.  For safety sake, if you’re driving and you start to feel drowsy, switch drivers or stop to stay overnight at a hotel.

If you’re able, bring a pillow from your bed at home with you on your travels.  Having your favorite pillow along for the trip will help alleviate the problems that sometimes arise from sleeping in a strange bed.

If you’re flying, a great website to visit (particularly if you have a long layover or the weather forecast is sketchy) is SleepingInAirports.net.  The site provides a number of great tips on how to get some rest during layovers or when your flight has been canceled.  It even provides a list of the top 10 airports in which to sleep.  The top three are in Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo.  American travelers may be out of luck, though, as none of the top 30 are in the U.S.  The best United States airport on their list is Tampa International Airport.

If you’ll be flying across time zones, there are a number of great tips available in this SleepBetter.org article: Jet Lag Is A Drag: Travelling Without Exhaustion