Even a Little Alcohol Can Disrupt Your Sleep

It is common knowledge that getting inebriated before bed can seriously disrupt your sleep, but a new study shows that even moderate drinking can disrupt your sleep habits. This study, conducted at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, used college students as participants.  The students were instructed to wear wristbands as they slept in their own beds to monitor total sleep time. In the end college students who drank low doses of alcohol slept less than they did on nights where they drank no alcohol at all.

Researchers explain that this study proves the point that even though alcohol can have the tendency to make you tired, it should not be used as a sleep aid. In addition, this study showed a clear difference in how sleep is affected depending on the amount of alcohol one consumes. High doses of alcohol interfere with one’s quality of sleep while low doses of alcohol correlate more with the amount of sleep one is able to get.

Source: Fox News