Replace Your Favorite Pillow, Unless You Like Dust Mites, Bacteria, Fungi, Mold, etc.

2 Guys 600 Pillows, the YouTube music video produced for and Carpenter Co. that’s become an Internet sensation, generates a lot of laughs about two guys and their beloved bed pillows, but behind the humor, there’s a serious message about the need to replace pillows every year or two, says the founder of

“Rhett & Link’s new video shines a funny spotlight on a topic most folks don’t think about much,” said Dan Schecter, vice president of consumer products at Carpenter Co. and creator of “If people cannot remember when they purchased their pillows, chances are good those pillows need to be replaced.”

Dust mites are microscopic spider-like creatures that feed on flakes of human skin and reside in bedding, carpets, upholstery, draperies and other “dust traps.” Dust mite allergens – substances which can cause an allergic reaction — are proteins found in the mite’s feces. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences says that exposure to these allergens is a significant risk factor for the development of allergic diseases, such as asthma and rhinitis (hay fever).

How do you know when it’s time to replace your favorite pillow? Here are some tips:

  • Check for signs of odor, mold, and mildew. If any of these are present, then you DEFINITELY need a new favorite pillow.
  • Does your pillow pass the fold test? Fold your pillow in half and then let go. Natural down pillows should bounce back slowly. Synthetic down pillows should bounce back with some force. For memory foam, push down on the center of the pillow. When you let go, the pillow should regain its shape.
  • A new pillow that weighs 10 ounces can double its weight in three years. Those extra ten ounces are dust mite remains. Washing your pillow will help, but it’s still a good idea to start fresh every so often.
  • Used pillows make great beds for pets. Check with your local vet or animal shelter; they might give a new home to your old friend.

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