Surveys: Most of You Have Really Old Pillows

How old is YOUR pillow?  One month old?  Six months?  One year?  If you’re like the majority, your pillow is probably more than two years old, and should be replaced immediately.

According to our own web poll, found on the right side of the front page here at, as of the time of this article’s publication nearly two-thirds (64%) of the more than 100 respondents are using pillows that are more than two years old. If that’s not scientific enough for you, check out these findings from a national sleep poll conducted by Yankelovich research firm for SleepBetter in 2008:

  • More than half Americans (54%) wait a year or more to replace their old pillows – with more than half (27%) answering 2-years or more.
  • More than a quarter (28%) have no idea how often they replace their pillows

So, what does all of this mean?  Simply put, it means most of you need a new favorite pillow.

Pillows that are more than a year or two old lose their shape and cushion.  Recent articles here at SleepBetter will tell you how to do the fold test and find out how your pillow stacks up.  Old pillows can also be covered in your skin cells, body oils, and dust mite remains … and that’s just nasty.  Additionally, advances in bedding technology have led to pillows specifically designed to reduce snoring, and even pillows that stay cool on BOTH sides.  Check out our sleep product recommendations for more details.