Tech in the Bedroom Means Less Sleep for Kids

It seems somewhat intuitive, but in case there was any doubt, new research has proven that kids who have technology in their bedroom get less sleep.

The research, conducted in Helsinki, Finland, looked at children aged 10 and 11.  The study started in 2006, when children were asked to complete a questionnaire about their health behaviors. The children were asked to do the survey again 18 months later.  The questionnaire included questions about their bedtimes and wake-up times on school days and at weekends.

Television viewing and computer habits were assessed to find out how many hours in the day the children watched television, videos or DVDs, and played computer games.  The study also asked whether children had a television, computer or game console in their bedroom.

Researchers found that children who had a TV or computer in their bedroom went to bed later on school days and at the weekend, meaning they were getting less sleep.  Results also revealed that boys who had a computer or TV in their bedroom went to bed later compared to the girls.

The study has been published in the journal BMC Public Health.

Source: Medical News Today