Teen Sleeping Outside for a Year — Even in the Winter [VIDEO]

It’s been a cold winter for a large part of the United States this year.  It’s been so cold that schools have had to cancel due solely to the cold and not because of snow.  When you think about how cold it has been, think about how it would be if you slept outside.  That’s what a teenager from Hermantown, Minnesota has been doing since last summer.

17-year-old Rudy Hummel says he originally planned to only sleep outside for the summer last year, but it started out so easy that in August he decided to go for a full year.  When the weather started getting really cold he decided to build a snow shelter in the back yard.  On one particularly cold night recently, the temperature got down to -23 degrees Fahrenheit.  Inside his snow shelter, it was a balmy seven degrees.  Rudy supplements the warmth in his shelter by wearing all three pairs of his pajamas plus multiple pairs of socks, along with blankets and a bottle of warm water tucked into his sleeping bag.  Rudy is using his nights outside to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.  

Learn more from Rudy himself in the video below.