12 Holiday Sleep Tips #11: Turn the Heat Down

It’s hard to believe that we only have two of our 12 Holiday Sleep Tips remaining!  Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked about ways to reduce stress, make sure food and alcohol don’t ruin your sleep, and even how to get through your holiday travel well rested.  Each of these tips have been better than maids a’milking!  Find all of the tips published thus far by clicking here.

Tip #11: Turn the Heat Down

We’re officially just a couple of days into the winter of 2015-2016 in the Northern Hemisphere.  For a large portion of the U.S., mostly in the east, it’s been exceedingly mild thus far.  However, many areas in the west have already seen a good bit of snow.

It’s not an unusual response to want to turn the heat up when it gets colder, and doing that during the day may make you feel more comfortable.  But, when bedtime comes it’s best to turn the thermostat down.  As we mentioned in our article Chill Out in Autumn for Better Rest, the consensus is that the best sleeping environment is between 60 and 68 degrees.  Research shows that temperatures above 75 degrees or below 54 degrees can disrupt sleep.

Make sure your bedding is appropriate to the season; think about whether your sheets, blankets and pillows give you the right support and warmth.  If you do find that you’re chilly at night, you don’t have to pile on heavy blankets.  Modern fibers and comforters can keep you warm without a lot of weight.  Also, if you live in a moderate climate or find that you’re going through a warm spell (like we saw on the eastern seaboard this week) try turning the heat down further and cracking a window in your bedroom.  You may find the fresh air refreshing.