12 Holiday Sleep Tips #12: Take a Deep Breath

This is it, folks.  When we started this series of sleep advice articles for the holidays, we said we’d publish 12 before December 25th … and this is #12.  Have they helped you?  Let us know in comments!  Find links to all of the tips by clicking here.


Tip #12: Take a Deep Breath

If you’re celebrating the holidays in the next few days, the only things left are last minute details.  Sure, many of us are still racing around trying to get things done, but be sure you take time to enjoy it.  This is a magical time of year and being so stressed that you can’t enjoy it or even sleep well seems a bit silly.

Sit back, have a cup of eggnog, take a deep breath, and enjoy the treasures we have.

Happy Holidays from SleepBetter.org!