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College Students Get (Not So) Fresh [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the last of our series of infographics, we take a look at how college students stack up against most Americans when it comes to amount of sleep and bedroom cleanliness. The results?  Well, the graphic below (click for a full-sized version) will show you that college students are in for a reality check come…
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The Life of a Pillow [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s your pillow maintenance style? Do you wash regularly or are you more of a microbe risk taker? Check out our latest infographic below (click for a full-sized version) to see how you stack up and for tips on how get the best bounce out of your pillow. To view more SleepBetter infographics, visit our…
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Pets on Pillows [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that our four-legged friends are carrying around a number of “friends” of their own.  Have you thought about what they carry into your bed?  Check out the infographic below (click it to see a larger version) from our Big Germ on Campus series and see how many Americans are sleeping with their…
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Pillows and the People Who Love Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you think about it, few personal possessions come in as close proximity, and for a significant period of time, as your pillow. Check out the infographic below (or after clicking “read more” if you’re reading this on the SleepBetter front page) where participants from our Back to College Study talk about the connection they…
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Meet The Microbes [INFOGRAPHIC]

They may be gross, but they’re your roommates. SleepBetter recently released a scientific study of pillows and mattress pads belonging to undergraduate college students across the country, and the findings were eye-opening. The first in our infographic series, Big Germ on Campus, outlined the findings of that study.  The second, found below, introduces you to…
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Big Germ on Campus [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yeast, mold, bacteria – OH MY! The results of a scientific study of the pillows and mattress pads of U.S. undergrads is in – and it’s not fresh. So the question is, what’s in your pillow? Check out the Infographic below to find out. This is the first in a series of Infographics from….
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Big Germ on Campus: College Students’ Bedding Rife with Microbes and Carpenter Co. published the following release on June 24, 2011: Richmond, Va., June 24, 2011 – Never mind the bed bugs.  A closer look at the pillows and mattress pads at the nation’s college campuses reveals a veritable petri dish of microscopic mischief: hundreds of thousands of bacterial, yeast, fungi and mold colonies…
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What do mom and dad want most this holiday season? How about a good night’s rest? According to a just-released national year-end survey – the Holiday Slumber Index – one in five Americans (20%) says they expect to lose sleep over the coming weeks due to holiday stress. Seasonally-induced insomnia is even higher for…
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Bed Alert: Americans Setting Alarms Even Earlier this Year for Shopping on Black Friday

Heading to the mall for Black Friday shopping this year? Two in three Americans say, “Not in your dreams.” According to a just-released national survey commissioned by sleep tips website and conducted by Ipsos, 67 percent of U.S. shoppers say they will not be shopping the day after Thanksgiving. But for those who are,…
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Surveys: Most of You Have Really Old Pillows

How old is YOUR pillow?  One month old?  Six months?  One year?  If you’re like the majority, your pillow is probably more than two years old, and should be replaced immediately. According to our own web poll, found on the right side of the front page here at, as of the time of this…
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